The Tomorrow Children Review (PS4)

Good of you to join us comrade! You’re just in time for orientation. We will soon be sending you to a brand new town in the void, a place of riches, friendship, community and more than a dash of abject terror. There you will start to rebuild our shattered world and bring hope to an otherwise desolate, featureless, near insanity-inducing landscape. This concludes orientation. I do have time for one question but as I know what you all want to ask I’ll just say it, no there will not be food or drink provided on the train. You now have five seconds to board before constable Olaf unceremoniously punts you on to the aforementioned, zero-refreshment train. Best of luck!

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Walking Dead All Out War Community Survival


Hey you, quick! Get in here and bar the door, I can hear the walkers coming! Right, take a seat and catch your breath, you’ve had a lucky escape. Anyway, while you’re here, fancy playing a little homemade ruleset for Walking Dead All Out War for me?

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Introductions! Part Lee!

A little about Lee

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