New Podcast! The Dice and the D-pad Episode 1

Hey guys!

Lee and I recorded a podcast last week to run alongside the blog. It’ll mean we have more of a back and forth discussion about a few of the posts and will talk a little more about a few other things that have been going on during the month.

We’re hoping to run these on the first Wednesday of every month and if you guys want to contribute questions or topics etc. feel free to pitch in in the comments.


Star Wars Battlefront II – Thoughts

So at Star Wars Celebration the trailer dropped. Battlefront II is due for release later this year and if you haven’t seen it yet, firstly why not? Secondly watch it here and come back for my impressions et al.

You back? Good. Continue reading “Star Wars Battlefront II – Thoughts”

In Defence of…..Micro-transactions

Welcome to the Gamey Geekery Arguments Club. No, we’re not a debating team, that implies a considered, well thought out approach you don’t see on the internet and that we won’t descend to shouting at each other by the end of this. We make no such promises. Continue reading “In Defence of…..Micro-transactions”

Introductions! Part Gor-di!

It’s my turn for the introductions and I hope you appreciate the poor attempt at rhyme in the title. (Geddit? Lee and Gor-di? Geddit? You aren’t laughing are you sure?). I’ll be a contributor here as regularly as I can so prepare yourselves for an overload of Star Wars and Strategy RPG game content! Continue reading “Introductions! Part Gor-di!”