Hey folks! Welcome to the Geek in the North, a blog for talking about gaming, movies, TV and hobbies from the realm of geekdom. Delivered to the internet, by raven, from the frigid North lands known as Scotland! We’re still holding the white walkers at bay and the heavy snow is stopping our PCs from overheating so let’s get to throwing around wild conjecture and sharing opinions like we know what we’re talking about!

We’re not currently making any money (and no plans to the contrary for the time being) from this which means we all work for a living at other stuff. We’re pleased to bring our unasked for opinions to you for free but we can’t dedicate all of our time to this unfortunately. We do promise to do our best to bring some cool things to your screens regardless!

We’re going to be discussing video games on literally several platforms(!), tabletop games on literally several tables(!!) and hobby projects that we’ve gotten literally several steps into and probably procrastinated over(!!!). Oh, and you better believe we’ve watched literally several TVs and films so expect to see our thoughts on them as well(!!!!).

Sit back, relax, and declare your allegiance to the Geek in the North.