Star Wars Battlefront II – Thoughts

So at Star Wars Celebration the trailer dropped. Battlefront II is due for release later this year and if you haven’t seen it yet, firstly why not? Secondly watch it here and come back for my impressions et al.

You back? Good.

I have high hopes for Battlefront II. Unlike its predecessor, the game seems to be facing a far less pressured launch and we’re unlikely to see a repeat of only half a game released and the gaps filled in with DLC and patches. The introduction of a canonical single player campaign, no matter how short, will be a welcome one. Star Wars has(/had) a rich extended universe that will always be fun to explore. The game engine footage in the trailer looks great and hopefully it matches the standards set. Battlefront was a beautiful game.

The introduction of all three eras into the game is a little worrying for me, despite EA’s intentions to make a wide and deep game, I feel they might be stretching themselves a little thin. Though with 4 studios working on the game, including Criterion working on the vehicle physics, they could handle it.

The 4 studios aspect does lead to my second concern. Combined with the developers being ‘unsure’ about season passes, I’m left wondering how they intend to make money selling the game. Will there just be no season pass and DLC sold individually? Will we have premium currency for cosmetic items and possibly more fundamental things? I would think these questions will be answered the closer we get to launch.

Enough of the worries, time for some speculation! There are a few things I’d like to see in Battlefront II and with a lot yet to be confirmed, it’s time to wildly guess at what could be planned.

Space combat has been confirmed, but what could be interesting is being able to be on board larger craft than one man fighters. In Battlefield 1, DICE introduced Behemoths into the gameplay and something similar could be done for AT-ATs and the like, but what I’d really like to see it used for is something a little bigger. Imagine spawning into a Star Destroyer and having to choose between piloting a Tie Fighter, manning guns or trying to fight off boarding troops!

Battlefront might well largely be an all-out war type FPS  but I’d love to see a little more variation in the game modes rather than all the standard ones you could find in any other of the genre. Battlefront I was largely a tactic-less affair and having some game modes requiring a little more caution and forethought could be interesting.

One of the other announcements about the game was the introduction of classes back to the franchise. What I’m hoping for in this, unlike Battlefield 1, is a lot of class customisation and hopefully a lot of class fluidity. Just because I like the medic rifles does not mean I want to be a medic damn it DICE.

I’ve got to say, I’m all aboard the hype train for now at least. It’s hard to not be excited at the thought of being able to duel as more Jedi and Sith (and there can be more than one hero a side at once now so a better chance to get duelling too!), blast our way across more of the galaxy and to maybe even be able to hold MORE THAN ONE GOSHDARN WEAPON AT A TIME. PLEASE.

There’ll be a lot more to come as more news gets drip-fed through to us and I feel more and more like an addict with that imagery. Why not comment below what you’d like to see included or what you made of the trailer?

Author: gordigameygeekery

Big time Video Gamer and RPG fan finally discovering the board game side of things!

One thought on “Star Wars Battlefront II – Thoughts”

  1. I’d like to see a single player campaign! Good stuff on your part, I like your style. You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!


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