Walking Dead All Out War Community Survival


Hey you, quick! Get in here and bar the door, I can hear the walkers coming! Right, take a seat and catch your breath, you’ve had a lucky escape. Anyway, while you’re here, fancy playing a little homemade ruleset for Walking Dead All Out War for me?

For those who don’t know, the Walking Dead All Out War is a wargame masquerading as a boardgame that has been made by the folks at Mantic Games and, I must say, I think it’s pretty damn neat. It is no secret I love miniature games and boy oh boy are there miniatures here! The base game comes with Rick and Coral along with four members of the scavengers, including their leader Derek. Also walkers, there are most certainly some walkers in there too.Image result for walking dead all out war

It is worth noting here for those of you who are wondering who in the hell Derek is, that this game follows the comic version of the Walking Dead as opposed to the TV series. While if you’ve seen the TV series you will likely recognise most of the characters pretty quick, some may appear differently than what you’d expect. ALSO, even more important to note, that Mantic have permission to add in bits from the Telltale Walking Dead games (hype!) with a Lee and Clementine booster (HYPE!!!) being sold at events (as well as on their webstore during Mantic open days like the upcoming one in May).

Image result for walking dead all out war lee and clementine

The game pits the player into a skirmish game where you control a group of characters from the Walking Dead universe trying to gather supplies. The player has to contend with walkers wandering about and trying to nibble them and if playing against an opponent you’re also dealing with another group of survivors who have had the same idea as you. Obviously you thought of it first and all the supplies are rightfully yours but that baseball bat and Remington shotgun they have seem to suggest they may wish to debate that point.

Games are frantic with players trying to avoid walkers or in some cases try to use them against their opponent all the while events occur that make the threat of walkers even graver (hahaha grave, great gag). The winner either gets the most supplies or wipes out the other team. It is very hard not to get more supplies when the other side is being eaten as you swagger off into the distance minus that leg you had to amputate half way through the game after being bitten (yes this can happen and god help you if you don’t have an axe when it does).

So what on earth is this Community Survival malarkey you may be asking yourself! By the way you appear to be bleeding from that suspiciously bite shaped mark on your neck, you should probably put a damp paper towel on that. Community Survival is my idea to give All Out War a campaign mode to keep the game fresh and interesting, particularly if you’re playing solo. Think Walking Dead meets State of Decay and you’ll be on the right kinda lines.Image result for walking dead all out war

In community survival you’ll start with a small group of survivors and a camp. From there you’ll need to start finding sources of supplies to keep your community fed and stocked up with ammo, medicine, fuel and construction supplies. You send out survivors to scout the area and then once they return you’ll be able to send out a scavenger party. When scavenging you’ll play a skirmish game as per the rules of All Out War except supply tokens that need searched will have a new system for generating resources to take back to camp.

As the rules develop you will have to watch out for herd of walkers stumbling across your camp and even rival communities coming after you which can be simulated automatically if playing solo or can be resolved with a skirmish game if playing the game multiplayer. The end goal is a campaign system that will give you the replay factor of “what if I had started a community as Negan, what would happen if Rick and Brian Blake had started a community, what if Coral, Sophie and Duane start the Walking Dead’s equivalent of Lamplight from Fallout 3???”.

So hopefully you’ll be wondering when this ruleset is going to be up and about to play. Well it’s taken a little longer than I had hoped but fingers crossed very soon I can put up a small version for people to playtest and give me feedback on. Then I can fine tune it and make it a balanced but challenging experience that will keep you coming back from more!

If you’re interested in the Walking Dead All Out War you should check it out at Mantic Games. If you’re interested in writing rules or homebrew rules keep your eyes peeled for Gordi writing about being GM for a Star Wars RPG. Finally if you’d like to take Community Survival out for a spin watch this blog, hopefully you can have your hands on it soon but in the meantime drop us a comment if you’re interested or if you have any questions about either All Out War or Community Survival.

Now it has been lovely having you but I’ve been dodging your bites for about five minutes now so I think it’s time for you to head off. Until next time, happy walker hunting!

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    1. I am very glad to hear it! When I put up the first version please do offer feedback to make it as awesome as possible!


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