Introductions! Part Gor-di!

It’s my turn for the introductions and I hope you appreciate the poor attempt at rhyme in the title. (Geddit? Lee and Gor-di? Geddit? You aren’t laughing are you sure?). I’ll be a contributor here as regularly as I can so prepare yourselves for an overload of Star Wars and Strategy RPG game content!

Name: Gordi

Earliest Memory of Gaming: Playing Super Mario Land 1+2 on the oldest Game Boy

Favourite Video Game: I’d have a few that I’d split and pick per genre, which we might discuss later, so for now I’ll opt for Star Wars: KOTOR or Hogs of War.

Favourite Board Game: If I could lie better, I’d say The Resistance but I laugh too much when trying to! I’ll stick to the classic Risk as my favourite.

Signature Dish: Still perfecting a chickpea curry and I’m partial to penne arrabiata.

What Are You Watching?: I’ve recently started running a D&D game and started watching Critical Role for help and have been engrossed ever since!

What Are You Reading?: Just finished Bernard Cornwell’s Waterloo and have a Shazam comic waiting to read!

What Are You Writing On Here?: Much like Lee, what I write will be shaped by what I’m doing.Trying out a lot of new things in the geekdom so I may do some first impressions of a few things. I’ve been a gamer first and foremost so that’ll likely be the lionshare.

So that’s my brief introduction, I’ll see you guys around here to talk all things nerdy!

Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us about your earliest gaming memory or perhaps your favourite game!

Author: gordigameygeekery

Big time Video Gamer and RPG fan finally discovering the board game side of things!

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