Introductions! Part Lee!

A little about Lee

My word I do apologise, I didn’t hear you come in! No no I’m certain you’re in the right room, come along and take a seat, we wouldn’t start without you. You were looking for Introduction to Pharmacology? It’s fine, absolutely fine, this will be very relevant. Sort of relevant. Okay the relevance may be tenuous but I’m sure it’s there if you want it to be.

Today we’re starting off nice and easy by introducing ourselves, so without further ado, here’s a little pamphlet about me, scribbled on a soggy pub coaster.

Name: Lee

Earliest Memory of Gaming: Hammering the Force Push button on the keyboard while my uncle attempted to play Star Wars the Phantom Menace on PC.

Favourite Video Game: It’s a tough one but if pushed I’d say Mount & Blade Warband (I drool a little at the thought of the upcoming sequel Bannerlord).

Favourite Board Game: I’m definitely a miniatures kinda guy so I do love Games Workshop stuff but I’ve really gotten into Zombicide Black Plague and I’m more than likely going to be dropping money on the next Zombicide Kickstarter!

Signature Dish: I make a Chicken Kiev with garlic butter strong enough to turn Dracula inside out from twenty paces.

What Are You Watching?: I’ve been watching Star Trek Next Generation on Netflix. I am pretty sure I would follow Patrick Stewart through the Neutral Zone and back, y’know, until I got blown out a hull breach or eaten by some kind of space cloud of horror because I wasn’t a named character.

What Are You Reading?: Slowly but surely I’ve been going through the first Walking Dead Compendium since watching the series and picking up the Walking Dead All Out War Kickstarter. I have not gotten sick of zombies yet. I will never be sick of zombies. Zommmmmmmmmbies.

What Are You Writing On Here?: All the things! I’m planning on doing a few game reviews, some thoughts on games, discussions on games, talk about experiences playing games, some more games on top of that and maybe bits and pieces on miniatures! I can paint them in several colours don’t you know!

So yeah that’s a little teeny tiny bit about me. I hope you took notes because I’m going to need that coaster back. Yeah it was a struggle to write all of that on there but so far we haven’t gotten funding through for materials so we just have to make do! For extra credit please do leave a comment telling us about your earliest gaming memory or perhaps your favourite game!

Anyway thank you very much for attending today’s “Introduction to Some Guy”. I hope to see you again soon and until I do, shoot me some dang zombies!

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